CREDITS for "A Muslim Christmas"

Written and Produced by Aamir Malik
Directed by Aamir Malik and Joshua Siegel
Director of Photography - Joshua Siegel
Principal Camera - Vincent Munoz
2nd Camera - Greg McAvoy
Photography by Art Martinez and Vincent Munoz
Edited by Joshua Siegel
Visual Effects by Joshua Siegel
Sound Design by Craig Schafer
Script Supervisors - Kathy Jackson, Jasmine Ingersoll, Ali Malik
Sound Recording - Scott Brown, Ies-T, Eschan Brown
Theatre Lights Operators - Maddison Heffley, Brandon Hilty
Music Playback - Mark Zempel, Ali Malik
Craft Services - Nana's Catering
Additional Dialogue and Script Suggestions - Angela Sorenson and Scott Brown
Additional Directorial Suggestions - Scott Brown
Stand-In-ing - Mark Zempel, Ali Malik
Clothes Shuttling and Hair Patting - Greg McAvoy
Christmas Tree Actuator - Jasmine Ingersoll
Book Presentation Fingers - Art Martinez
Green Armor Logo Animation by Tariq Malik
Website Creation - Noah Malik

The Muslim - Aamir Malik
The Hostess - Angela Sorenson
The Antagonist - Scott Brown
The Drunk - Joshua Harwood
Party Guests - Robert Karch, Zoe Karch, Hope Munro-Smith, Mandalyn May, Mark Zempel, Ies-T, Olivia Saenz, Joshua Siegel, Bella, Sharon DeMeyer, Ali Malik and Mr. Pooters

"Muslims Love Jesus Too"
Written by Aamir Malik (with a nod of thanks to jeffyB)
Recorded, Produced and Mixed by Scott Barwick at Origami Lounge, Chico, CA
Guitar and Vocals - Aamir Malik
Drums - Justin Wood
Pedal Steel Guitar - Mason Landrum
Bass and Hammond Organ - Scott Barwick

"A Muslim Christmas" was filmed in Chico, California

Carolyn Malik, Robert Karch and Sharon DeMeyer, Saira Malik, Joshua Siegel, Vincent Munoz, all the actors and EVERYONE who slated and gripped and grabbed the reins when needed, Scott Barwick, Renee and Brent Boyd, Shawn Dyer, Bill Donnelly, Rita Hosking, Joshua Hegg, Martin Chavira and the Blue Room Theatre, Loki Miller, Mary Gardiner and The Chico Arts Council, the 1078 Gallery, and everyone who gave their support and encouragement, without which this film might have never been made..!

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